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3 Reasons Why a Leotard is Figure-Flattering

Leotards have been making their way to the forefront of modern yoga fashion for quite some time. Yogis realize their immense benefit and comfort in their yoga practices, but they wonder if they could really pull off such a tight and revealing style. Many of them choose to wear the leotards only for home practices to prevent feeling self-conscious among their classmates. However, the benefits of a leotard are numerous and you should be able to feel confident wearing the leotard out and about.

The good news is that a leotard can be very figure-flattering for every body type. Take a closer look at how you might be able to benefit from a leotard in your daily practice.



They come in every shape and style.

Did you think that leotards were a one-size-fits-all item? Fortunately, they come in several different cuts and styles that allow yogis to choose the shape that will work best for them. Whether you have a pear-shaped body or a muscular outline, you can find a leotard that is specifically cut to flatter your body. You can try on multiple shapes and styles to see which one suits you the best. Look for some with sleeves, wider straps, high necklines, and more.

You can choose your length.

One of the primary reasons yogis feel uncomfortable wearing a leotard for yoga practice is because of how high it tends to cut on the groin. You can correct some of this problem by choosing one of the more modern leotards that allow you to choose your own length for the bottom. The traditional cut is always available, but you can often find leotards that come with shorts or full pants on the bottom.

Alternatively, you could test out what works best for you. By wearing a traditional leotard that cuts high on the groin, you could put a pair of shorts or yoga leggings over top of the leotard for fuller coverage.

It provides perfect coverage.

A leotard isn’t going to come up when you bend into a forward fold or fly over your head during an inversion. You can find a lot more peace of mind for attempting difficult poses in a leotard. While this doesn’t necessarily make the leotard figure-flattering, it does prevent you from exposing yourself to your classmates. In many ways, this coverage is a figure-flattering aspect of having a leotard. You can keep your body more hidden and private during yoga class wearing one of these leotards.

Wearing a leotard requires a lot of bravery from most yogis who want to attempt this new trend. It’s possible to find a figure-flattering leotard for every body shape and style using some of these guidelines. Remember that yoga is about loving your body and taking care of it. As long as your leotard makes you feel good and allows you to move through the practice with ease, then it is the perfect fit for you regardless of how it looks.

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