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My Spring New Moon Detox

It is said that the new moon, as well as the days leading up to the new moon (the waning moon) are the best times to detoxify the body because that is when your body has the highest capacity for ridding of toxins.

That being said, I decided I was going to do a light eating/detox on the coming new moon. My goals were to eat according to the yoga Sattvic diet, while eating less in general.

I marked the date on my calendar, which helped me mentally prepare. It is amazing how much your mental state effects whether you binge on food or not.

The new moon came. My boyfriend was off that day so we decided to do some morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Japa meditation (using mala beads). I realized that unless I was calm and centered (through meditation) I wouldn’t be able to maintain my will and sense of peace.

Morning Yoga Session

We set out our mats in our room, grabbed our meditation pillow, mala beads, yoga capris, and our new Tibetan Singing Bowl.

We started and ended the yoga/meditation session with three rings of the Tibetan Singing Bowl, Followed by an Om Chant, said out loud together. As I expected, we felt in the moment and much calmer than when we started.

We chose to do the Sun Salutation yoga sequence, breathing deep and using the Ujjayi breath. We chose a few standing yoga poses, twisting poses, and core focused poses and sequences, ending on the floor in a few stretching poses.

I felt good about treating my body to challenging poses and poses designed to detox such as the twisting poses.


I was on my own with the daily diet plan, because my boyfriend decided that he would “participate next time”…Which, funny enough, by the next day he told me “ya’ know I think I’m going to start eating healthier too”.

For breakfast, I had a Multigrain Blueberry Oatmeal from Trader Joes that I had stuffed away in my kitchen cupboard. I savored some Hot Coffee this time, but if I wanted to challenge my self next time I will probably opt for green tea or hot ginger lemon tea.

I made a point to eat slower and really notice all the qualities of my food. This was a very satisfying way to eat as I noticed certain grains I had literally never saw before, even though I have eaten this oatmeal many times.


I researched smoothie options on Jamba Juices website and figured we could have a smoothie date. The sun was out so we were able to drink our smoothies, get some sun, and spend quality time together. Springtime and smoothies are like a match made in heaven!

My Drink: Apples and Greens Smoothie


For dinner, I wanted to stick to the yoga food guidelines, so I made a small bowl of white basmati rice and some sautéed veggies. We had some curry powder so I threw that in there.

We loved the curry taste so much that we decide to make a curry dish next week! Curry can be great because it doesn’t have a lot of salt and it doesn’t contain garlic and onion, which are both ingredients that agitate your mind according to the yoga diet. I was vegetarian too, a plus for the environment, animals, and mental state!

We ate slowly and savored our meal. We drank mint tea after dinner and went to bed early; perfect new moon detox!

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