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How Chakra Energy Affects Your Mood

What is a Chakra? Sanskrit translates this word into “wheel of light” in English. The idea is that there are many chakras throughout our bodies, with seven that are the main ones. Each chakra is related to our energy and mood.

  • Root Chakra

The root chakra relates to our sense of groundedness and rootedness. It allows us to feel like we belong on earth. If it is in balance, we should feel connected, strong, able to trust, safe, and grounded. If it is out of balance, then our mood can be affected in less than favorable ways. We can feel angry, irritable, worrisome, easily annoyed, and insecure. 

  • Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the center of our reproductive health, sexual energy, and emotion. If it is in balance, we can express and receive a range of emotions, feel compassionate and considerate of others, exhibit kindness, feel connected to others, experience excitement, and be creative. However, if it is out of balance, we could feel fearful and vulnerable in relationships, addicted to substances, anxious, stressed, and regretful. Sacral chakra healing is essential for a proper balance.

  • Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra is said to be where we form our personality and cultivate our instincts. If in balance, we should feel whole, self-sufficient, powerful, confident, and assertive. When out of balance, we may feel self-conscious, powerless, and rejected. 

  • Heart Chakra

Moving into the chakras, we come to the heart chakra, which relates to our love, humanity, and spirituality. If in balance, we should feel love, grateful, trusting, accepting, prideful, and empathetic. If it becomes out of balance, our mood may become jealous, bitter, fearful, angry, or envious. 

  • Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is believed to connect us to our true ability to communicate and be accountable for our decisions. When it is in balance, we should experience the ability to communicate and express ourselves freely and also to be able to remain silent when necessary. When our throat chakra is out of balance, it is common to experience fear in speaking our truth due to worries of being judged or rejected.

  • Eye Chakra

The eye chakra is said to be our wisdom center. This is our connection to our intuition. If it is balanced, we should feel clear and focused able to differentiate between truth and falsity. When it becomes out of balance, we may want to reject spirituality feel volatile and lack self-awareness or reflection. Hence, we must consider eye chakra healing as soon as possible.

  • Crown Chakra

The seventh and last chakra is the crown chakra. It is the energy center that is said to connect us to mother earth. It is beyond our ability to understand with our minds. When in balance, we feel the knowingness of our connection to the divine, and we are able to feel calm, trusting, and empowered in this knowing. If it is out of balance, we are likely to feel confusion and even depression. 

Each chakra affects the mood in specific ways. Tune into how your emotions and moods may relate to each of these chakras. They present great opportunities for focused meditation and therapies that use chakra-specific colors, crystals, asana, herbs, and sounds. 

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