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Creative Endeavors

My initial thought on how to be and to stay creative is writing things down. It moreover fosters creativity. You can either do so on a piece of paper, on your phone, or on your computer and what most often happens, utilize a combination of them all.

Set times during your week when you organize those ideas into cohesive stories. Even possibly synch them with the moon phase or your menstruation cycle.

Starting to be creative or thinking creatively is actually not that difficult. You most probably are very creative already; you just don’t look at it that way. Maybe you want to focus on a different area of creativeness. So, challenge yourself to make something for 7 days straight. Go for something longer, but starting small will help you get things rolling. It is like with exercising. It doesn’t take more than 3 weeks for things to become our habits; it’s scientifically proven to be so.

Why not share a story that is a little bit embarrassing? No one likes plain; spruce up things a little, or maybe for starters, just write it down for yourself.

If you’re feeling reminiscent, listen to some old music or watch an old movie. Maybe the things you see or hear spark inspiration in your endeavors.

There are a lot of activities that can foster new ideas. For example, pick a random word and scribble down everything that comes to mind alongside it. It’s at least worth trying, or simply list down all the things that could either go right or wrong with an aspiring thought.

Simply place yourself outside the bubble and create something in the genre you normally wouldn’t.

Analyze something or someone who you think is great. How did he or she come to success, and can you possibly apply his path to your own? It doesn’t have to be that it pays at the end, but it is all the more beneficial if it does.

Create templates that you can still use at a later time.

Get creative and reorganize or even just clean your office or a different space where you reside and work from. Maybe this is the kitchen and you can simultaneously whip out a smoothie or a delicious snack you can enjoy in celebration of your now-cleaned space. Plus, your mind will be racing that much faster if you fuel it with something nutritious and delicious.

Move the setting of where you normally create.

Merge multiple of your ideas together and see what comes out of it.

Stay up later than normal to work on things, or wake up at the break of dawn to start creating. Do the opposite of what you’re used to doing.

Maybe all you need to do for inspiration is open your Pinterest account and borrow and give your own twist on ideas that someone else already so generously shared with the world.

Call up someone else to collaborate on a project, (maybe you and a friend from yoga class can create cute graphics on yoga leggings). I find this so valuable especially in the freelance world where it can get lonely at times staring at the same computer screen. New perspectives from people you admire always spark new energies to create even more.

I like this one, though I have a hard time following it through – taking a day off from technology can detox your racing mind like nothing else. If you pair this with a nature walk, you’ll be amazed how much more primal it will make you feel.

Take time for yourself and talk to no one. Just jot down ideas that come to your mind. Also, let yourself be. Don’t overthink what are you going to make, just surrender yourself to the process.

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