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Yoga to Leave Shyness

Yoga has stood out in the world of exercise, thanks to the integral benefits it provides to human beings and the environment. It is a discipline that encourages teamwork as well as the recognition of our maximum potential, favours the strengthening of the body, the stimulation of consciousness and interaction between people.

Shyness causes discomfort and intolerance in interpersonal relationships. It is an emotional state that can block the human mind. It is not considered a disease, but it reduces many points to those who suffer from these afflictions. People who perform yoga daily or weekly, experience progress in strengthening emotions, such as gaining confidence, security and integration with other people. That is why yoga is considered as an alternative therapy (with constancy in practice) that overcomes emotional barriers such as fear, depression, anxiety and shyness.

The first step to transformation is to want it—no matter what the intention of your practice—paying attention to what you do, feel and think. It is the beginning of the path.

Yoga Styles That Help Increase Teamwork By Releasing Shyness:

  • Acro Yoga
  • Yoga in Couple
  • Yoga for children
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Aero Yoga

Asanas To Neutralize Emotional States:

  • Sukhasana With Torsion – Easy Meditation Pose:

Seated with both knees bent one foot in front, one foot behind, the posture of the spine is aligned. The abdomen is contracted while raising both arms to the top, preparing the body for a twist. Hands are joined on the head, and the back of the body is turned to the right. Right-hand leans on the mat or the floor as close as possible to the column, left-hand rests on right knee, maintain the torsion about five breaths. It is inhaled subtly, both arms return to the top and centre, proceed to realize the complementary side of the body.

  • Bidalasana And Gomukhasana – Cat And Cow:

Bring both feet back to four points of support (hands, knees, toes). The hands rest firmly on the mat, opening the fingers like a fan, the hips are on their knees, and the toes remain active.

With a deep inhalation, rotate the shoulders backwards. Open the chest and raise the gaze, while the back arches. With the exhalation, tilt the head towards the floor, the spine is rounded, and the gaze is directed to the navel. Repeat the sequence five times to control the breath.

  • Adhomukha Svanasana – Dog Looking Down:

Following the previous position, hands and feet are kept in the same place. The coccyx rises high, the knees are extended a little, and the heels seek to lean on the ground, while an inverted V is made with the body, the gaze goes to the navel.

All laws concerning the health, mental efficiency and spiritual education of the thoughts of the will, of the feelings and the intelligent inhabitants of the bodily realm (bundles, cells, molecules, electrons, vital sparks), are integrated as they fulfil under the supreme guidance of the wisdom of yoga. As a result, happiness, health, prosperity, peace, discernment, efficacy and intuitive guidance prevail throughout the bodily realm, a realm of purity, filled with light and bliss! “

– Paramahansa Yogananda 

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